Chuck's nephew Chris says 'hello'!

Chuck's nephew Chris Steele says hello from Florida to all at the Metal Crusade!


As a child and an adolescent I was surrounded by everything DEATH, the Metal Crusade was no exception.  It was a small operation ran by Chuck out of his home in Altamonte Springs, Florida. I can just see the piles upon piles of fan mail, merchandise, and back issues in the third bedroom of his modest home. There was no social media platform for Chuck to lean on, just good old fashioned word of mouth and snail mail. Chuck was fiercely loyal to his fans and that loyalty should not end with Chuck.  It is only natural that things progress with an ever-changing society but I feel that this embodies the same spirit of the original Metal Crusade.  It literally gave me chills to see the Metal Crusade logo on my screen for the first time.  It is with my pleasure to ''say hello and welcome back'' to returning fans and ''welcome home'' to new ones. 


Chris Steele 

chris steele  eric greif  the grammy museum 4-12

DEATH Shirt Buddies Unite: Eric Greif (l.) and Chris Steele, April 2012, at the Chuck Schuldiner section of the History of Heavy Metal Exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.