Eric Greif talks about the success thus far of DTA Europe

It will be great to get on the road again with Paul, Sean, Steve & Max.  Despite the fact that I ended up breaking my left wrist (Cincinnati - I fell off the stage handing out guitar picks to fans) and my left knee (Silver Spring, MD - tripped on the sidewalk while avoiding two people pushing in booze to the club), and us losing a bit of money overall on the whole production, April's North American tour was great fun and a chance to bond with old friends.  Most importantly, it proved that 'Death To All' had a future, as fans loved the vibe and we liked working with each other.

I had to come home a few days early from that tour due to my broken bones but as I lay there immobilized back home in Canada, our North American agent Dan from The Pantheon Agency & I were already on the phone brewing up ideas for more DTA. I always knew that the next logical place to take it would be Europe, and as we involved our European agent Dom from RTN, it became apparent that the demand was there from fans and that the tour would be phenomenal - and we were right.

It is incredibly expensive to tour Europe, from the flights over there for musicians & crew, to the 'nightliner' bus (and fuel to keep it moving). The whole production is pulled off with the combined work of many folks, with me acting as armchair quarterback from the comfort of my office back in Calgary - and sometimes even from my bed (as some of the calamities, such as missing cymbals or merch, occurred in the middle of the night). Rob Lewis is our fearless Tour Manager, and he's someone with a long history of knowing us and being a DEATH person (I think the first time I met Rob was back in the Leprosy days).  He is someone I count on without hesitation - he keeps the juggernaut chugging away.

I will fly to London on Tuesday November 26th to meet the tour bus at the HMV Forum and will be on the road for the last week, heading back to North America from Amsterdam with the guys.   It will be exciting because some of the shows on the tour have been sold out, and I know that one of the gigs I'll attend - Essen, Germany - has been sold out for weeks.  It has been fascinating to watch many of the tour clips on YouTube, and also to see Steffen from Obscura get on the stage with the DTA dudes doing Spirit Crusher.

For me it is a chance to mingle with many of the fans I correspond with via our facebook page, and to get the Chuck vibe first hand - it is something very spiritual for me, collectively catching Chuck's aura surrounded by hundreds of DEATH fans that know all the words to the songs and want so much to feel closer to him.  I truly believe that DTA does that: furthers the legacy in the minds of all who want to get closer to Chuck and to make DEATH a living, breathing brand.

If you recognize me at any of the five shows I'll attend - London, Dublin, Manchester, Essen and Louvain-La-Neuve - please come up and introduce yourself.  There are no 'meet & greets', so it is all very casual, and you'll probably also see the musicians walking around, smiling & shaking hands.  We're real people, and all of us truly love what we do.  Come up and say "hello, fellow metal person".  

:)  ERIC (November 22, '13) 


reinert  greif 91  eric greif  paul masvidal mexico 06-89

(l.) Sean Reinert & Eric Greif on the Human tour, 1992. (r.) Eric Greif  & Paul Masvidal on the Leprosy tour, 1989.